Technical Papers

Camera-Ready information

The instructions can be obtained here. (more information coming soon)

All accepted papers are published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer. Note that the papers do not need to respect the original page limits (they can be longer than 12 pages), as the Springer format uses a different – larger – font.

Please ensure that the details entered in PCS (authors names and affiliations, paper’s title) are correct and consistent with what you have indicated in the article’s PDF.

Important Date
  • Deadline 20th April 2024 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12:00)
Article Templates

Authors should consult Springer’s Instructions for Authors of Proceedings and use either the LaTeX or the Word templates provided on the authors’ page for the preparation of their papers. Please find below the paper templates either for LaTex or Microsoft Word as .zip-files for download:

The submissions will be done through PCS system. No modifications to the template should be done.

Please ensure that the details entered in PCS (authors names and affiliations, paper’s title) are correct and consistent with what you have indicated in the article’s PDF.


The copyright form needs to be uploaded

Program Committee:  
  • Claudio Pacchierotti, CNRS–IRISA, Rennes, France
  • Hiroyuki Kajimoto, The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan
  • Pedro Lopes, The University of Chicago, IL, USA
Editorial Board
  • Cagatay Basdogan, Koç University, Turkey
  • Monica Gori, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
  • Claudio Pacchierotti, CNRS – IRISA, France
  • Betty Semail, University of Lille, France

Additional guidelines


As the number of submissions increases, our reliance on a robust pool of proficient reviewers who provide constructive feedback to authors grows significantly. To expand this reviewing pool and uphold high-quality reviews, we require at least one author per paper to register via PCS during submission agreeing to review up to three papers. Moreover, we urge senior authors to encourage capable junior authors to register in PCS as reviewers and mentor them through the review process.


All submissions are single-blind and do not need to be anonymized.

Presentation at the Conference

Every accepted submission must be presented at the conference. In-person presentations are expected; we will only accommodate online presentations in truly exceptional cases.

Submission Language

All paper submissions must be in English.

Previous Publication and Plagiarism

Manuscripts submitted should not have been previously published. A manuscript is considered previously published if it has been available in a peer-reviewed journal, magazine, book, or meeting proceedings, whether in print or electronically, to non-attendees. Simultaneous submission of a manuscript substantially similar to that submitted to the Eurohaptics conference to another conference or journal during any part of the review process is not permitted, from the submission deadline until authors receive decision notifications. Authors should explain any relationship between the submitted paper and prior work.

Submissions will undergo plagiarism checks, and significant instances will result in immediate rejection and a ban from future conferences.

AI-generated Text

Authors may only utilize large-scale language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, to edit the grammar of their own text. The use of LLMs for other purposes (e.g., generation of text from scratch) is banned. Articles will be checked for misuse of LLMs tools.

Pre-dissemination through public online repositories

Uploading the submitted manuscript to an online repository (e.g., HAL, arXiv) before the conclusion of the review process will not be grounds for rejecting the manuscript.


Video submissions must adhere to the instructions on the submission website.