Industry Forum

During the first day of the conference and during 2 hours, Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors will be able to have a 10 minutes to 30 minutes talk (including Q&A) with the scientific community. In parallel with the Work In Progress session, this is a unique opportunity to present your vision about what haptics should be in the next steps.

Location: Amphi B7

17:0017:15Desallier Jean-Fran├žoisHAPTIONRobotics & Force-Feedback: Enhancing Safety, Productivity & Employment
17:1517:30Rupin MathieuVibra NovaWhat future for ultrasonic haptics?
17:3017:45Wittwer DamienSoncebozMechatronics for Enhanced Haptic Feedback
17:4518:00Arnold GabrielCaylarHigh-density vibrotactile technology and tactile displays for orientation, communication, and situation awareness
18:0018:15Vezzoli EricRazerCreating and Distributing Haptics Experiences, state of the market and open questions
18:1518:30Santella ElisaGrewusThe power of partnership in haptic implementations