Poster Instructions (Technical papers, WIP and Demos)

The poster will be placed on a 97 x 147 cm poster board in portrait orientation. Please avoid posters in a  landscape format as it does not fit on the board. We recommend that you print your poster in A0 format to maximize visibility. A sign indicating your poster number will be placed on the board.

Double-sided tape will be given to you to hang the poster on the panel. 

Presenters must be standing next to their board during their assigned poster session or put up a note when they take a break. 

Oral Presentation Instructions

One author from each technical paper selected for a presentation will deliver a 10 mins talk with 2 mins for questions. The total duration of each talk, including speaker transition, is strictly set at 12 mins. 

We recommend that the speakers use their own laptop to ensure that the slides are faithful to their design and that the videos work correctly. There will be HDMI, DisplayPort. The screen format is 16:9.

Presenters should check the connection with the conference projection system during a break before the session in which they are presenting, making sure all videos play on the screen.  Our on-site technician will be able to assist you with any issues.

We ask that all presenters arrive for their session at least ten minutes before it begins, check in with the session chairs, and sit near the front of the room to facilitate the change between speakers.