Award ceremony

Best Paper Award

Committee: Jan Van Erp (chair), Heather Culbertson, Knut Drewing, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Michael Wiertlewski

Honorable mentions:

  • Tim Moegen, Hsin-Ni Ho and Yu Xiao, Apparent Thermal Motion in the Forearm
  • Michiru Sobue, Soma Kato, Izumi Mizoguchi and Hiroyuki Kajimoto, Measuring the distribution of tactile acuity at the fingertips

List of final nominees:

Best Demo Award

Committee: Seungmoon Choi, William Frier, Thorsten Kern (chair),
Kouta Minamizawa, Mounia Ziat

Honorable mentions:

  • Tom Hueting, Apparent motion through electrotactile stimulation
  • Luuk van Laake, Max Alberts, Femke van Beek & Irene Kuling, A large area soft robotic haptic display to simulate a high‐five with an animal

List of final nominees:

Best Poster Award

Committee: Rebecca Friesen (chair), Sinan Haliyo, Ilana Nisky, Femke Van Beek

Honorable mentions:

  • Pierre-Antoine Cabaret, Antoine Bout, Maxime Manzano, Sylvain Guégan, Claudio Pacchierotti, Marie Babel, and Maud Marchal, Multi-actuator Haptic Handle Using Soft Material for Vibration Isolation
  • Mondher Ouari , Anis Kaci , Christophe Giraud-Audine , Frédéric Giraud and Betty Lemaire-Semail, Vibrotactile cues with net lateral forces resulting from a travelling wave

List of nominees:

Best WIP Award

Audience Vote, Sabrina Panëels (Chair)

Honorable mentions:

  • Mamoru Ueda, Yoshikatsu Hayashi, Toshiyuki Kondo, William Harwin – Embodying an Artificial Tail: Exploring Neural Adaptation to New Body Dynamics.
  • Antoine Bout, Sylvain Guégan, Maud Marchal – Design of Hairy 3D Printed Samples for Haptic Feedback.
  • Takeshi Tanabe – Pinchable Device with Drive Unit for Illusory Pulling Sensations.
  • Esteban Madoux, Charles Hudin – Refreshable Braille display using wave focusing and bistable pins.