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EuroHaptics 2006 Programme

Final Programme


Monday 3rd July 2006

haptic rendering

Tactile displays: from psychophysics of haptic texture to device design
Welcome Ceremony



DAY A : Tuesday 4th July 2006
Description Starting time Paper ID Title Authors
Reg1 Registration 8.00      
PLENA Plenary A
chair: M.Heller
8.30   A survey of some major contemporary findings on haptic perception Yvette Hatwell
A1 Psycho/Neuro1 9.30   Chair: M. Ernst  
1     50 Characterizing Perceptual Differences Due to Haptic Exploratory Procedures: An MDS Approach T. Cooke, C. Wallraven, H. Bulthoff
2     57 The influence of Surface Commensurability on Roughness Perception With the Bare Finger F. Martinot
3     112 Semantic Interference and Facilitation in Haptic Perception M. Reiner, D. Hecht, G. Halevy, M. Furman
Coffee Break & Poster 10.45   Poster Teaser  
A2 Psycho/Neuro2 11.45   Chair: F. Martinot  
1     18 Viewpoint Effects in Haptic Pictures Depend on Matching Method M. Heller, L. Wemple, E. Fulkerson, T. Riddle, S. Guthrie, P. Klaus
2     20 Integration of tactile-kinesthetic and auditory (re-)afference in the timing of movements K. Drewing
3     30 Haptical feeling of rotary switches J. Reisinger, J. Wild, G. Mauter, H. Bubb
4     72

Passive exploration and static skin might be more useful than previously assumed

B. Richardson, M. Symmons, D. Wuillemin

L1 Lunch 12.45      
A3 Tactile 14.00   Chair: B. Semail  
1     9 Static and dynamic tactile directional cues experiments with VTPlayer mouse T. Pietrzak, I. Pecci, B. Martin
2     46 The Fishbone Tactile Illusion M. Nakatani, R. Howe, S. Tachi
3     62 Forehead Electro-tactile Display for Vision Substitution H. Kajimoto, Y. Kanno, T. Tachi
4     66 High-Resolution Tactile Sensor Using The Movement of Reflected Image S. Saga, T. Morooka, H. Kajimoto, S. Tachi
5     23

Development of “Haptic Tweezer", a non-contact object handling system using magnetic levitation and haptic device

E.V. West, A. Yamamoto, T. Higuchi

6     105 ViFlex: A Compact Haptic 2D Interface with Force Feedback for Mobile Devices S. Roselier, M. Hafez
7     122

Generating subject-specific FE models of fingertip with the use of MR volume registration

M. Tada, H. Yoshida, M. Mochimaru, T. Kanade
8     1

Application of tactile displays in sports: where to, how and when to move

J. B. F. Van Erp, I Saturday, C. Jansen
CBA2 Coffee Break 16.00      
A4 Soft/Appl 1 16.30   Chair: M. Harders  
1     10 Study of the Influence of Varying Diameter and Grasp-Forces on Mechanical Impedance for the Grasp of Cylindrical Objects T.A. Kern, S. Klages, T. Meiß, R. Werthschützky
2     91 Haptic display improves training and skill assessment performance of a virtual paracentesis simulator: a pilot evaluation study

C. Tzafestas, D. Christopoulos, K. Birbas

3     70 Comfortable manipulation of a virtual gearshift prototype with haptic feedback P. Salamin, D. Thalmann, F. Vexo
4     89 Mode Selection by means of shape or location A. Rydstrom, G. Michelitsch, P. Bengtsson
5     68 GPU Supported Haptic Device Integrated Dental Simulation Environment V. Kilic, U. Kocak, I. Konukseven, E. Mumcuoglu
6     104 A New Approach to Molecular Docking in Virtual Environments with Haptic Feedback E. Subasi, C. Basdogan
7     121 Bone drilling simulation based on six degree-of-freedom haptic rendering X. He, Y. Chen
8     137 Using Point Associated Finite Fields (PAFF) for nonlinear real time surgery simulation S. De, YJ. Lim



DAY B: Wenesday 5th July 2006
Description Starting time Paper ID Title Authors
Reg2 Registration 8.00      
PLENB Plenary B
Chair: V.Hayward
8.30   The Role of Psychophysics in Haptics Research: An Engineer’s Perspective Hong Z. Tan
B1 Soft 1 9.30   Chair: K. Yano & C.Tzafestas  
1 Long   15 ESPIONS: A Novel Algorithm Based on Evolution Strategy for Fast Collision Detection L. Joussemet, A. Crosnier, C. Andriot
2 Long   56 High Precision Augmented Reality Haptics G. Bianchi, B. Knoerlein, G. Szekely, M. Harders
3 Long   119 Novel Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Haptic-based Graphical Password B. Malek, M. Orozco, A. EL Saddik
Coffee Break & Poster 10.45   Poster Teaser  
B2 Soft 2 11.40   Chair: C. Andriot  
1 Long   123 Iterative FE analysis for non-invasive material modeling of a fingertip with layered structure M. Tada, N. Nagai, H. Yoshida, T. Maeno
2     12 Haptic Constraints for a Bimanual Command Selection and Location Task T. N. Smyth, A. E. Kirkpatrick
3     21 Haptic Rendering and Perception of Frictional Moment H. Kawasaki, Y.Ohtuka, T. Mouri, O. Halabi
4     33

Coulomb-Friction-Based Needle Insertion/Withdrawal Model And Its Discrete-Time Implementation

R. Kikuuwe, Y. Kobayashi, H. Fujimoto

5     127 Dynamical issues in interactive representation of physical objects JL. Florens, A. Voda, D. Urma
L1 Lunch 13.00      
B3 Hardware 2 14.00   Chair: C. Chaillou &
A. Yamamoto
1     6 Development of 2DOF Haptic Device Driven Directly by Shaft Motors H. Ogawa, M. Shimojo
2     42 On The Use of Eddy Current Brakes as Tunable, Fast Turn-On Viscous Dampers for Haptic Rendering

A. H. Gosline, G. Campion, V. Hayward


3     61 Haptic Interface for Middle Phalanx Using Dual Motors K. Minamizawa, K. Tojo, H. Kajimoto, N. Kawakami, S. Tachi
4     49 ICARE 3D: a new light 3D haptic interface

E. Brau, F. Gosselin

5     136 Palpatory training on the Virtual Haptic Back improves detection of compliance differences JN. Howell, R. Williams, R. Conatser, J. Burns, D. Eland
6     28 Bowden Cable Actuator for Torque-Feedback in Haptic Applications P. Letier, A. Schiele, M. Avraam, M. Horodinca, A. Preumont
7     93

Development and Experimental Evaluation of a Thermal Display

B. Deml, A. Mihalyi, G.Hannig

8     100

Performance of position detection tasks under restriction of finger's movement

Y. Kuroda, M. Nakao, H. Oyama, H. Yoshihara,T Kuroda, K.Nagase

CBB2 Coffee Break 16.00      
B4 Psycho/Percep 16.30   Chair: A. Lécuyer  
1     3 Compliance discrimination of deformable objects by squeezing with one and two fingers F. Freyberger, B. Färber
2     13 Perceived Roughness and Correlation with Frequency and Amplitude of Vibrotactile Stimuli K. Kyung, D. Kwon
3     47 Visual and Haptic Perception of Object Elasticity in a Virtual Squeezing Event D. Couroussé, G. Jansson, JL. Florens, A. Luciani
4     48 Using Multidimensional Scaling to Quantify the Fidelity of Haptic rendering of Deformable Objects P. Leskovsky, T. Cooke, M. Ernst, M. Harders
5     51 Perception of stiffness: linear steering feel A. C. Newberry, M. J. Griffin, M. Dowson
6     65 Tactual Motion Adaptation Phenomenon J. Watanabe, S. Hayashi, H. Kajimoto, S. Tachi
BANQ 19.30



DAY C: Thursday 6th July 2006
Description Starting time Paper ID Title Authors
Reg1 Registration 8.00      
C1 Soft/Hard 1 8.30   Chair: M. Reiner  
1 Long   58 Combining Point Force Haptic and Pneumatic Tactile Displays Y. Kim, I. Oakley, J. Ryu
2 Long   60 Directed Force Perception When Holding a Nongrounding Force Display in the Air T. Amemiya, H. Ando, T. Maeda
3 Long   67 An Experiment on Length Perception with a Virtual Rolling Stone H. Y. Yao, V. Hayward
Coffee Break & Poster 9.45   Poster Teaser  
C2 Soft/Hard 2 10.45   Chair: W. Harwin  
1     37 What influences angular acuity in raised line drawings? M. W. A. Wijntjes, A.M.L. Kappers
2     90 Presenting grasping and resultant forces for rigid body manipulations with multi-finger haptic interfaces S. Hasegawa, Y. Koike, M. Sato
3     102 A Haptic Visualization Mapping Model ---- Magnitude Model of Sinusoidal Vibration Y. Wang, M. Turner, J. Perrin, T. Hewitt
4     114 An instance of tactile suppression: Active exploration impairs tactile sensitivity for the direction of lateral movement M. Vitello, M. Ernst, M. Fritschi
5     108 Shared Control for Training in Virtual Environments: Learning Through Demonstration? Y. Li, V. Patoglu, M. O'Malley
L1 Lunch 12.00      
C3 Soft 3 13.00   Chair: C. Magnusson  
1     32 Rhythm perception through different modalities K. Kosonen, R. Raisamo
2     86 SOFA: Software for Observing Force-feedback Algorithms C. Raymaekers, K. Coninx
3     94 A Dynamic Virtual Environment for Haptic Interaction A. Barrow, R. Harwin
4     38 Spatial-domain consistency between haptic and visual display under geometrical transform D. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, G. Liu
5     26 Slave Device Stiffness and Teleoperator Stability G.A.V. Christiansson, M. Mulder, F. Helm
6     64 Haptic Guidant Bilateral Teleoperation for Single-Master Multi-Slave System G. Hwang, D. Aarno, H. Hashimoto
7     92 Perceptibility of digital watermarking in haptically enabled 3D meshes A. Formaglio, S. Belloni, G. Menegaz, HZ Tan, D. Prattichizzo, M.Barni
8     132 Tactile perception schemes to convey information using sensitivity of human hand C. Shah, M. Bouzit, M. Youseff, L. Vasquez
CBC2 Coffee Break 15.00      
C4 Misc 1 15.30      
1     124

How does a fingertip slip? -- Visualizing partial slippage for modeling of contact mechanics --

M. Tada, M. Mochimaru, T. Kanade

2     44 Shape of things to come P. Chamberlain, P. Gardner, R. Lawton, B. Green
3     31 Evaluation of Neuropsychological Effects of Interaction with Seal Robots on Demented Patients

K. Wada, T. Shibata, T. Musha, S, Kimura

4     113 Multimodal Virtual Fixtures and Metaphors for Dexterous Telemicromanipulation M. Ammi, A. Ferreira
5     103 Is it possible to perceive the shape of an object without exploring it? A. Formaglio, G. Baud-Bovy, D. Prattichizzo
6     25 Using Active Haptic Feedback in Everyday Products L. Rovers, H. Essen
7     111 Grasp Planning Based On Fingertip Contact Forces and Torques A. Kis, F. Kovacs, P. Szolgay
8     76 Non-Intrusive Somatosensory Navigation Support for Blind Pedestrians N. Henze, W. Heuten, S. Boll
AWRD Awards 17.30

Business Meeting

Eurohaptics Awards Ceremony

END 18.30      



Posters will be exhibited during all the conference in a separate room. Posters will be put on in the morning of the 4th and removed at the end of the 6th.
DAY A : Tuesday 4th July 2006
  Paper ID Title Author
2 ISO's Work on Tactile and Haptic Interaction Guidelines
J. B.F. Van Erp, I. Andrew, J. Carter
5 AFM-based Nanomanipulator with Haptic Interface
B. Ellingwood, H. Gurocak
7 A Pseudo-Force-Feedback Device by Fingertip Tightening for Multi-Finger Object Manipulation
G. Inaba, K. Fujita
8 Haptic Memory and Identification of Curvature in Pie Charts
A. Hunter, L. Best
17 Isotropy and Visual Modulation of Haptic Force Direction Discrimination on the Human Finger
C. Ho, H. Tan, F. Barbagli, K. Salisbury, C. Spence
19 DO NOT GET LOST: Tactile Navigation - Concept and Device
Z. Radivojevic, T.Kaaresoja
22 Enhancing tactile capabilities with elastic hemispheres G. Vásárhelyi, B. Fodor
24 Aesthetic Touch / Haptic Art
R. Driscoll
27 Survey of Actuation Technologies for Body-Grounded Exoskeletons P. Letier, M. Avraam, M. Horodinca, A. Schiele, A. Preumont
36 Haptic curvature comparison of convex and concave shapes B. J. Van Horst, A.M. L. Kappers
39 Dynamic unilateral constraint (DUC): Unified model for VE-induced instability analysis in haptic system D. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y. Cao
40 7 DOF Haptic Device Design O. Baser, I. Konukseven
41 Recognition of different scales using a haptic sensory substitution device M. Ziat, O. Gapenne, M-O Rouze, A. Delwarde
43 Interaction with Virtual Deformable Objects for Surgery Simulation Using a Hyper Redundant Haptic Display H. Esen, K. Yano, M. Buss
53 Exploring the Surface: Noticing Difference in Vision-Neutral Haptic Search W. Pearson, M. Fraser
Hand's on Demo
  Tactile Shape-Display Technique based on Active Touch Hideyuki Ando, Masashi Nakatani, Junji Watanabe, Tomohiro Amemiya, Taro Maeda
R30 What do you feel ? Haptical feeling of rotary switches J. Reisinger, J. Wild, G. Mauter, H. Bubb
DAY B : Wednesday 5th July 2006
52 Comparing 6DOF Haptic Interfaces for Application in 3D Assembly Tasks M. Harders, A. Barlit, K. Akahane, M. Sato, G. Szekely
55 Improving Performance of a Remote Robotic Teleoperation Using an Force Feedback Mouse E. I. Konukseven, M. S. Arslan
59 Development of K-TouchTM Haptic API for various Datasets B.C. Lee, J.P. Kim, J. Cha, J. Ryu
63 Editing Recorded Haptic Data with SiRE – Simulation Record Editor M. Rissanen, Y. Kuroda, M. Nakao, T. Kuroda, N.Kume, H. Yoshihara
73 Pin-Type Vibrotactile Display J. Back, DS. Choi, TJ. Jang
74 Early handwriting acquisition: Evaluation of Telemaque, a new visuo-haptic interface R. Palluel-Germain, F. Bara, B. Hennion, P. Gouagout, E. Gentaz
77 Effects of Visual Experience and Training in Raised lines Materials on mental rotations by blind adults D. Dulin, Y. Hatwell
78 Evaluation of Vibro-Tactile Feedback to the Human Arm S. Schätzle, T. Hulin, C. Preusche, G. Hirzinger
79 Shape discovering using tactile guidance N. Noble, B. Martin
80 Snap-Crackle-Pop: Tactile Feedback for Mobile Touch Screens T. Kaaresoja, L. Brown, J. Linjama
81 A Piezoelectric Tactile Display Using Travelling Lamb Wave M. Biet, F. Giraud, F. Martinot, B. Semail
83 “BabyGlove?: A Device to study Hand Motion Control Development in Infants N. Tsagarakis, B. Kenward, K. Rosander, D. Caldwell, C. Hofsten
84 Surface Friction Learning for Virtual Objects Using Neural Networks JM. Kang, TJ. Jang
85 Ergonomic and mathematical approach to wire-driven parallel haptic interfaces C. González, M. Ferre, R. Saltarén, J. Barrio, R. Aracil, Juan M. Ibarra
87 A General Purpose Control-Based Trajectory Playback for Force-Feedback Systems A. Crossan, J. Williamson, S. Brewster
Hand's on Demo
L67 An Experiment on Length Perception with a Virtual Rolling Stone H-Y. Yao , V. Hayward
R46 The Fishbone Tactile Illusion M. Nakatani, R. Howe, S. Tachi
DAY C : Thursday 6th July 2006
88 Vibrotactile using micromachined electromagnetic actuators array A. Talbi, O. Ducloux, N. Tiercelin, Y. Deblock, P. Pernod, V.Preobrazhensky
95 Haptic access to 3D objects on the web C. Magnusson, S. Chui Chui Tan, Wai Yu
99 Presentation and objective evaluation of methods to predict gestures on a network P. Sébastien, B. Hennion, J.Y. Coulon
101 Haptic Rake for Shape Modeling

U. Cugini, M. Bordegoni, F. De Angelis, P. Lammertse.

106 How does the indirect visual representation improve the sensation of a 2D relief with the Lift-Mouse H. Takahashi, M. Usami
115 Integration of Kinesthetic and Tactile Display -- A Modular Design M. Fritschi, M. Ernst, M. Buss
126 Design and fabrication of a 2D haptic interface device and the realization of a virtual air-hockey system J. Back, J.M. Kang, H.J. Yong, T.J. Jang, D.S. Choi
128 Automatic generation of haptic effect into 2D graphics T. Yamaguchi, A. Akabane, J. Murayama, M. Sato
129 Haptic estimations of spatial location: Effect of early vs late visual deprivation F.Gaunet, E. Gentaz
130 Wideband vibratory stimulation on the TextureDisplay2R S. Arata, Y. Ikei
131 Force feedback operations with a Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor Z. Dai, F. Giraud, B. Lemaire-semail
133 Design of a haptic force feedback glove using magnetorheological fluid S. Winter, M. Bouzit
135 VHIP: A Prototype Haptic Environment for Fine Art Printmakers A. Geary, P. Coldwell, A. Rashan
138 Haptic Augmented Reality: Haptic enhancing and enhanced haptics B. Bayart , A. Kheddar
139 Exploring haptics as a tool to improve training of medical doctors in the procedure of spinal anaesthetics U. Dreifaldt, Z. Kulcsar, P. Gallagher
Hand's on Demo
  Forehead Electro-tactile Display for Vision Substitution H. Kajimoto, Y. Kanno, T. Tachi



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