Eurohaptics 2022

Eurohaptics 2022 will be held in Hamburg, Germany, between the 22nd to the 27th of May 2022. Further information is available at http://eurohaptics2022.org.

Society General Meeting

On Sept. 8 from 12.30 to 13.00, all members of the EuroHaptics Society are invited to its Annual General Meeting, to be held during the EuroHaptics 2020 Conference in Leiden (main conference room).

EuroHaptics 2020

Eurohaptics 2020 has been held in Leiden, The Netherlands, September 6th – 9th, 2020. Further information can be found at http://eurohaptics2020.org/.

EuroHaptics 2002
EuroHaptics 2002 was held in Edinburgh, UK and organised by the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art. It was chaired by Mark Wright and Ann Marie Shillito. Steven Wall served as paper chair and Karin Paynter as local organiser. Keynote speakers included Mandayam Srinivasan, Malcolm McCullough and Massimo Bergamasco.

Editors:Wall, S.A., Riedel, B., Crossan, A. & McGee, M.R.



The HapticMaster, a new high-performance haptic interface
Van der Linde R.Q., Lammertse P., Frederiksen E. & Ruiter B.
Download pdf

Haptic Interfaces Based on Magnetorheological Fluids
Bicchi A., Scilingo E.P., Sgambelluri N., De Rossi D.
Download pdf

Miniaturised Electrostatic Tactile Display with High Structural Compliance
Jungmann M., Schlaak H. F.
Download pdf

Guidelines for the Use of Vibro-Tactile Displays in Human Computer Interactions
van Erp J.B.F.
Download pdf

The Effect of Haptic Feedback and Stereo Graphics in a 3D Target Acquisition Task
Wall S. A. , Paynter K., Shillito A. M., Wright M., Scali S.
Download pdf

Evaluating Tactile Feedback in Graphical User Interfaces
Tähkäpää E., Raisamo R.
Download pdf

Haptic Camera Manipulation: Extending the “Camera in Hand Metaphor”
De Boeck J., Coninx K.
Download pdf

Simulating Push-Buttons with a Haptic Display: Requirements of Force Resolution and Force-Displacement Curve
Doerrer C., Werthschuetzky R.
Download pdf

Mixed Feelings: Multimodal Perception of Virtual Roughness
Mcgee M., Gray P., Brewster S.
Download pdf

Cross-modal Scene Perception
Newell F, Ang C. W-Y., Bülthoff H. H.
Download pdf

Identification of Haptic Virtual Objects with Different Degrees of Complexity
Jansson G., Larsson K.
Download pdf

Predictive Algorithms for Distant Touching
Belghit I., Hennion B., Guerraz A.
Download pdf

RELAY: A Futuristic Interface for Remote Driving
Brady A., MacDonald B.,Oakley I., Hughes S., O’Modhrain S.
Download pdf

Supporting Object Handling and Hand Over Tasks in Haptic Collaborative Virtual Environments
Kjölberg J., Sallnäs E. L.
Download pdf

Handing Over Objects in a Haptic Collaborative Virtual Environment
Sallnas E. L., Kjölberg J.
Download pdf

Improved Haptic Rendering for Multi-Finger Manipulation Using Friction Cone based God-Objects
Harwin W.S., Melder N.
Download pdf

Algorithms for Haptic Rendering of CSG Trees
Raymaekers C.,Van Reeth F.
Download pdf

Interactive Haptic Rendering of Deformable Surfaces Based on the Medial Axis Transform
Corso J. J., Chhugani J., Okamura A.M.
Download pdf

Integrated Modal and Granular Synthesis of Haptic Tapping and Scratching Sounds
Castle G., Adcock M., Barrass S.
Download pdf

Proxy Based Haptic Feedback from Volumetric Density Data
Lundin K., Ynnerman A., Gudmundsson B.
Download pdf

Haptic Rendering of Tool Contact
Mahvash M., Hayward V., Lloyd J.
Download pdf

Haptic Force Feedback with an Interaction Model between Multiple Deformable Objects for Surgical Simulation
Kuroda Y., Nakao M., Hacker S., Kuroda T., Oyama H., Komori M., Matsuda T., Takahashi T.
Download pdf

Investigating Haptic Assistive Interfaces for Motion-Impaired Users: Force-channels and Competitive Attractive-Basins
Langdon P., Hwang F., Keates S., Clarkson P. J., Robinson P.
Download pdf

Automatic Online Haptic Graph Construction
Yu W., Cheung K., Brewster S.
Download pdf

Perception of Gradient in Haptic Graphs by Sighted and Visually Impaired Subjects
Riedel B., Burton M.
Download pdf

Navigation and Recognition in Complex Haptic Virtual Environments – Reports from an Extensive Study with Blind Users
Magnusson C., Rassmus-Gröhn K., Sjöström C., Danielsson H.
Download pdf

Multi-Finger Haptic Interaction within the MIAMM Project
Michelitsch G., Ruf A., van Veen H. A. H. C., van Erp, J. B. F.
Download pdf

Experimenting with Haptic Attributes for Display of Abstract Data
Nesbitt, K. V.
Download pdf

Detecting signals in correlated motion of the fingers
Roberts R., Humphreys G., Wing A.
Download pdf

Comparing the Role of Lateral Force During Active and Passive Touch
Robles-De-La-Torre, G.
Download pdf

Evaluating a Haptic Modelling System with Industrial Designers
Sener B., Wormald P., Campbell I.
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