Eurohaptics 2022

Eurohaptics 2022 will be held in Hamburg, Germany, between the 22nd to the 27th of May 2022. Further information is available at http://eurohaptics2022.org.

Society General Meeting

On Sept. 8 from 12.30 to 13.00, all members of the EuroHaptics Society are invited to its Annual General Meeting, to be held during the EuroHaptics 2020 Conference in Leiden (main conference room).

EuroHaptics 2020

Eurohaptics 2020 has been held in Leiden, The Netherlands, September 6th – 9th, 2020. Further information can be found at http://eurohaptics2020.org/.

EuroHaptics 2001
EuroHaptics 2001 was hosted by the Univeristy of Birmingham, UK, and organised chiefly by Alan Wing. It was the first EuroHaptics to be held, and served to unify several smaller gatherings into a single central event. Keynote speakers included Susan Lederman and Antonio Bicchi.

Editors: Baber, C., Faint, M., Wall, S. & Wing A.M.



Medical and Rehabilitation
Using Haptics Technology to Deliver Motivational Therapies in Stroke Patients: concepts and initial pilot studies
Loureiro, R., Amirabdollahian, F., Coote, S., Stokes, E. and Harwin, W.
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A Fast Finite Element Modelling Tool for Surgical Simulation
Azouz, N. and Payandeh, S.
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Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries using the Rutgers Ankle Haptic Interface: 3 case reports
Deutsch, J.E., Latonio, J., Burdea, G. and Boian, R.
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Comparison of Simulated Ovary Training of Different Skill Levels
Crossan, A., Brewster, S., Reid, S. and Mellor, D.
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The Grasp-span Weight Illusion
Davis, N.J., Morgan, M.D. and Wing, A.M.
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Results from a Tactile Array on the Fingertip
Summers, I.R., Chanter, C.M., Southall, A.L. and Brady, A.C.
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Feeling Rough: Multimodal Perception of Virtual Roughness
McGee, M.R., Gray, P. and Brewster, S.
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The Role of Friction and the Rate of Tangential Force Change in the Subjective Scaling of Roughness
Smith, A.M., Chapman, C.E., Deslandes, M., Langlais, J-S., Thibodeau, M-P.
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Friction and curvature judgement
Christou, C. and Wing, A.M.
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Spatial Factors in Vibrotactile Pattern Perception
Cholewiak, R.W., Collins, A.A. and Brill, C.
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Menu Interactions in a Desktop Haptic Environment
Raymaekers, C and Coninx, K.
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Can You Feel the Force? An investigation of haptic collaboration in shared editors
Oakley, I., Brewster, S. and Gray, P.
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Tele-Handshake: a cooperative shared haptic virtual environment
Alhalabi, M.O. and Horiguchi, S.
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The Tele-Gesture: problems of networked gestures
Guerraz, A., Hennion, B. and Vienne, A.
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Haptic transmission over IP networks: image perception in response to increasing latency
Furner, S., Hardwick, A. and Hands, D.
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The Perception of a Tactile Illusion in Central and Peripheral Nervous System Injury
Gonzales, G.R. and Payne, R.
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The Potential Importance of Perceptual Filling-in for Haptic Perception of Virtual Object Form
Jansson, G.
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Touching trajectories: the relation between speed and curvature in exploring shape
Wing, A.M., Christou, C. and Waller, A.
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Data Visualisation
Psychological Theory in Haptic Interface Design: initial steps towards an Interacting Cognitive Subsystems (ICS) approach
Booth, S. and Schmidt-Tjarksen, T.
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Image to Haptic Data Conversion: a first step to improving blind people’s accessibility to printed graphs
Yu, W., Guffie, K. and Brewster, S.
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Perception of Gradient in Haptic Graphs: a comparison of virtual and physical stimuli
Riedel, B. and Burton, M.
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Micro-actuation Principles for High-resolution Graphic Tactile Displays
Brennar, W., Mitic, S., Vujanic, A. and Popovic, G.
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Movement Control
Vibro-tactile Information Processing in Automobiles
Van Erp, J.B.F. and van Veen, H.A.H.C.
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A New Approach to Operating Machines with High Functionality
Doerrer, C. and Werthschützky, R.
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Cursor Displacement and Velocity Profiles for Targets in Various Locations
Keuning-van Oirschot, H. and Houtsma, A.J.M.
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Interaction techniques for object selection/manipulation in non-immersive virtual environments with force feedback
Flasar, J.
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The Effects of Change in Gravity on the Dynamics of Prehension
Augrelle, A-S., Penta, M., White, O and Thonnard, J-L.
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Controlling Reaching Movements with Unpredictable Object Motion
Daum, M.M., Krist, H. and Huber, S.
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Haptic Modelling: an alternative to industrial design methodology?
Cheshire, D.G., Evans, M.A. and Dean, C.J.
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New Metaphors for Interactive 3D Volume Segmentation
Harders, M. and Székely, G.
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The Visualisation and Making of Sculpture and its Potential Implications for Computer Interfaces and Three-dimensional Modelling
Prytherch, D. and Jerrard, R.
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Haptical Rendering of Triangle Meshes with Fixed Direction Hulls
Kebalác, Z.
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Haptic Rendering of Molecular Conformations
Krenek, A.
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Design of a Multiple Contact Point Haptic Interface
Wall, S.A. and Harwin, W.S.
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Stable Haptic Interaction with Virtual Environments using an Adapted Voxmap-pointshell Algorithm
Renz, M., Preusche, C., Kriegel, H-P and Hirzinger, G.
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Mutual Calibration of a Co-located Haptics Device and Stereoscopic Display
Evestedt, D. and McLaughlin, J.
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A Method to Compute the Interaction Force during Imposed Motions
Baud-Bovy, G.
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Overview of Delta Haptic Device
Grange, S. Conti, F., Rouiller, P., Helmer, P. and Baur, C.
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Selective Attention and the Perception of Visual-haptic Asynchrony
Vogels, I.M.L.C.
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The Role of Haptic Feedback in the Training and Assessment of Surgeons using a Virtual Environment
Moody, L., Baber, C. and Arvanitis, T.N.
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Haptic Assistance to Improve Computer Access for Motion-impaired Users
Hwang, F., Langdon, P., Keates, S. and Clarkson, J.
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When Touch Forms Vision: object recognition as a function of polysensory prior knowledge
Jutner, M., Osman, E. and Rentschler, I.
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Haptic Rendering of Volumetric Anatomic Models at Sob-voxel Resolution
Petersik, A., Pflesser, B., Tiede, U. and Höhne, K-H.
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‘Tacitus’ Project: identifying multi-sensory perceptions in creative 3D practice for development of a haptic computing system for applied artists
Shillito, A.M., Paynter, K., Wall, S. and Wright, M.
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Concept of a Tactile Intelligent Sensory Substitution Systems
Wilks, C., Scheider, T., Goerke, N. and Eckmiller, R.
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Factors Underlying Fabric Perception
Moody, W., Morgan, R., Dillon, P., Baber, C. and Wing, A.M.
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