EuroHaptics 2018
EuroHaptics 2018 will be held June 13-16 in Pisa, Italy. Initial information can be found at

Eurohaptics Ph.D. Award

Every year the EuroHaptics Society awards a prize for the best Ph.D. thesis of the year. The EuroHaptics Society Ph.D. Award competition is open to all candidates, who in the broad sense disserted on a topic of relevance to the science and/or technology of haptics in a given year.

The past winners are:

  • Evren Samur, Thesis title: “Systematic Evaluation Methodology and Performance Metrics for Haptic Interfaces” (2010)
  • Michael Wiertlewski, Thesis title: “Reproduction of Tactual Textures: Transducers, Mechanics, and Signal Encoding” (2011)
  • René Weller, Thesis title: “New Geometric Data Structures for Collision Detection” (2012)
  • Ignacio Galiana Bujanda, Thesis title: “Design and Control of Multi-Finger Haptic Devices for Dexterous Manipulation” (2013)
  • Claudio Pacchierotti, Thesis title: “Cutaneous haptic feedback in robotic teleoperation” (2014)
  • Alessandro Altobelli, Thesis title: “Development and Validation of Haptic Devices for Studies on Human Grasp and Rehabilitation” (2015)


Springer Series on Touch and Haptic Systems

This new Springer book series focuses on monographs in the form of edited volumes covering general topics in haptics as well as selected PhD theses. More information can be found on the series’ webpage.

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